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Eliminate litter spills with Scoop Buddy

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Your Cat Deserves a Clean Litter Box, Why Not Make It Easier to Clean?

Cleaning the cat litter box daily is essential! Cleaning that often, mess happens! Here at Cat Savant, we’ve invented the purrfect solution to every cat parent’s problem, litter spills!
Scoop Buddy is the newest litter box hack cat parents have been waiting for! These flexible clips easily attach to nearly any cat litter box holding the bag in place while you scoop. Eliminate litter spills and collapsed bags with every scoop!
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Make Cleaning the Cat Litter Box Easier!

Scoop Buddy was designed for cat parents by cat parents! It’s time we had more options in the litter box aisle! No need for expensive refills, simply reuse the plastic bags already in your home, but in a smarter way.

Scoop Buddy is the affordable solution for cat litter box problems!

  • why is my cat pooping outside the litter box?
  • why is my cat not using the litter box?
  • why is my cat peeing outside the litter box?

The simple answer, the litter box may not be clean enough!

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Supporting Cats in Need, One Scoop Buddy at a time

Cat Savant believes every kitty deserves a chance at a loving home. That’s why we donate a portion of our proceeds to support rescues, fosters, and cats in need.
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Cats Can Be Messy But We Love Them Anyway

We’ve designed Scoop Buddy for cat parents like you to eliminate litter spills!