About Us

The Story of Us

Here at Cat SavantTM, we believe the greatest love story of all is the one with your cat. We are cat parents; the ones who like to dress their kitties up, create social media accounts for them, talk in their voices to bring their purrsonalities to life, sacrifice our bed and getting up because they are just too comfortable to move. Let’s face it, it’s their world and we’re just living in it.

We started a small business in hopes of making our lives and theirs a little better. As like with any cat parent, we’ve been annoyed with litter box clean up just like many of you. There has to be a better way! Our goal is with smart, simple solutions we can make clean up a little easier to navigate.

Are You Ready for Your Time to Shine?

We love our cats and we would love to meet yours! Share your favorite posts and we promise to share some love. Get (Anti-) Social and visit us on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook.