About Us

The Story of Us

Here at Cat Savant® we are on a mission to solve litter box problems for cat parents. We are two cat parents from Boston, MA; the ones who like to dress their kitties up, create social media accounts for them, talk in their voices to bring their purrsonalities to life, and sacrifice our bed because they are just too comfortable to move. Let’s face it, it’s their world and we’re just living in it.

I’m a former educator and proud 3rd generation cat lady who married an engineer; and together we invented Scoop Buddy! We know firsthand litter box chores are one of the least favorite parts of being a cat parent! We were tired of the same products, same problems with no solutions…until now. Scoop Buddy redefines litter box cleaning making it an easier and more efficient way to clean.

Litter box problems are the number one reason why cats are surrendered. We know cleaning the litter box daily significantly reduces litter box issues. We wanted to make litter box chores easier on us busy cat parents.

Operating Chief Feline Officers

We all know who is really in charge!

Meet Ashton, our young “old man.” Even as a kitten he had an old man purrrsonality. Now that’s he’s getting up there in age, his personality finally fits him. He is the most affectionate and patient kitty to our 3 girls. He’s usually shy for the camera but hangs around to get some treats.

cat in lounge bed

Meet Penelope. She’s a natural born star with a sassy purrsonality. She loves being in front of the camera and will pose any time you’re taking pictures around her. She loves the posh life!

black cat in bandana

They are brother and sister we rescued about 9 years ago abandoned by the side of the road in upstate NY. Happy to say all 4 kittens in the litter were nursed to health, fostered, and then adopted thanks to the wonderful people at Kitten Angels. This is just one story about abandoned kitties; and so many more are not as fortunate. Please support your local rescues and spay and neuter!