What’s the Best Cat Litter for Multiple Cats?

Great question! It’s a lot to ask for multiple cats to share a litter box. That means a lot of scooping and replacing litter. It’s a constant struggle with keeping the litter box fresh and tidy! The right tools can make all the difference. Choosing the best litter involves finding a balance between odor control, clumping ability, and preferences of both cats and owners. Here are our top three picks from cat experts!

multiple cats in litter box

Easy Cleaning Cat Litter for Multiple Cats

The litter we love right now is Slide by Arm and Hammer. I was pleasantly surprised when we began using this style. My grandmother actually recommended it to me and what Grandma says goes! She’s had a multi-cat household as far as I can remember. What I love about this litter is that it’s a complete odor-sealing, odor-control cat litter making it the best cat litter for multiple cats. The scent is not overpowering, and it says that it can keep your multi-cat litter box smelling fresh and clean for 14 days. I clean and freshen things up much more frequently than this, but it seems impressive!

Best Natural Cat Litter for Multiple Cats

Looking for a more natural solution? World’s Best Cat Litter is made from made from whole-kernel corn that offers no harmful chemicals and no artificial perfumes. It’s a lightweight and naturally scented made with no fake scents or artificial perfumes. I have been told by many cat parents the lavender scent is the best!

Best Low Dust Cat Litter for Multiple Cats

We have heard rave reviews about Dr. Elsey’s Precious Cat Ultra Cat Litter from the Cat Chat expert herself, Tracie Hotchner. This litter is ideal for cats and owners who suffer from allergies since it has a 99.9% dust-free and hypoallergenic formulation. This makes it a top pick with its premium texture and granule size made with 100% bentonite clay for maximum clumping creates litter particles that are just the right size.

Siamese Cat by litter box

Characteristics to Consider:

  • Odor Control: Choose a litter specifically designed with strong odor control properties. Litters with activated charcoal or baking soda can help neutralize odors effectively, keeping your home smelling fresh.
  • Large Grain Size: Litter with larger grains can be less likely to track outside the litter box, reducing mess and making cleanup easier.
  • Budget Considerations: Consider the cost-effectiveness of the litter. While some premium litters may be more expensive upfront, they might last longer or require less frequent replacement, making them more cost-effective in the long run.
  • Trial and Error: Since every cat is unique, it may take some trial and error to find the style that works best for your household. Consider trying small amounts of different litters to see which one they may prefer.

Regular Litter Box Cleaning is a Must

Proper maintenance of the litter box is essential regardless of the litter type you choose. Scoop waste daily, change the litter regularly, and clean the box thoroughly to ensure a hygienic environment for your cats. If possible, you should always have one more litter box than the number of cats in the home to maintain a happy home!

Looking For an Easier Way to Clean?

Enter Scoop Buddy, a game-changer in the world of cat parenting that promises to save you time and keep your floors clean! The perfect addition for a multiple cat household.

Scoop Buddy litter box cleaning hack

Picture this: Scoop Buddy attached to the litter box simply waiting for you to hook on the bag and scoop away, a quick and easy way to keep the bag in place and eliminate litter spills, saving you time and all the mess.

It’s not just an accessory; it’s an innovative solution to keeping the litter box clean and making life a little easier!

No More:

  • litter spills
  • collapsed bags
  • messy floors
  • dirty hands

Take the mess out of cleaning with Scoop Buddy!

Smarty Cat Says…

Ultimately, the best litter is one that meets the needs of your cats and your household preferences while effectively controlling odor and minimizing mess.

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