Finally, you can bid farewell to the cumbersome and inefficient process of scooping litter. Cat Savant has invented an innovative solution to stop litter spills with Scoop Buddy. Scoop Buddy tackles the root of the problem, preventing the escape of dirty litter while scooping and ensuring it goes directly into the waste bag. Make litter box clean up an easier chore!

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Mission Meow works to increase the level of charitable donations for small feline-centric nonprofits. Cat Savant is a proud business partner helping to create meaningful change for cats in need. See how litter box clean up with Scoop Buddy helps kitties in need!

In this episode Michelle Fern chats with Carolyn Rafferty, co-founder of Cat Savant, makers of Scoop Buddy. These innovative litter box anchors are perfect for cat parents tired of the same old litter box routine. These attachable anchors allow the waste bag to be draped over the edge of the litter box for easy clean up.

It’s simple to remove the bag and never have to touch the ick. Litter box clean-up is already the least liked chore by cat parents. That’s where Scoop Buddy comes in! It’s a simple affordable option compared to other waste systems on the market and no need for refillable cartridges that are costly.

Join us for a special episode of The Kitty Boss podcast! Cat Lady Justin is joined by special guest Cat Savant to discuss her revolutionary new invention that will change the game for litter box cleanup.

Say goodbye to messy and smelly litter boxes and hello to an easier and more efficient solution. Don’t miss this exciting episode and get ready to upgrade your kitty’s litter routine! Tune in and subscribe now on your favorite podcast service. #KittyBoss #LitterBoxInnovation #CatSavant

Cat Savant attended Super Zoo! We were so honored to be invited and attend North America’s largest pet retail event in Las Vegas this past August. We had a chance to debut our innovative product Scoop Buddy to make cleaning the litter box easier and more efficient!


#156: Carolyn Rafferty created the Scoop Buddy — a simple clip to hold a plastic bag on the end of the litter box to catch the litter when cleaning. Her company, Cat Savant, is a Mission Meow partner along with Tracie, supporting generous grants to cat rescuers.

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As a dedicated cat parent, a good portion of my life is spent caring for my cats. Feeding them, giving them supplements, playing with and providing them with mental stimulation. And, of course, the dreaded scooping and cleaning of litter boxes. The not-so fun part of providing for our cats.

I did the math, not my strong area, and it seems that I spend a full week out the year scooping my cats’ litter boxes. That is just scooping. That doesn’t include the weekly deep cleaning that I do to the boxes and the area around them. A whole WEEK of a year of my life! So, when I heard about Cat Savant and Scoop Buddy, I was very interested. Always looking for a way to make my life a little bit easier.

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Join us for the exciting debut of our new monthly series, “Sh!t Show,” proudly sponsored by Scoop Buddy! In this special episode, Cat Lady Justin and the Cat Savant dive deep into all things feline alimentation, digestion, elimination, defecation, urination, and more. From nutrition tips to litter box hacks, this episode is packed with valuable insights for cat lovers. Don’t miss it! 🐾😺 #ShitShowPodcast #CatCare101 #ScoopBuddySponsorship