The Ultimate Litter Box Cleaning Hack

Finally! Cat parents rejoice! There is a new litter box cleaning hack to make cleaning easier and more efficient! It’s been the same old routine, same products, and no solution…until now. Cat Savant has developed an innovative product to attach the waste bag right to the litter box preventing litter spills!

Scoop Buddy litter box cleaning hack

Scoop Buddy is the Litter Box Cleaning Hack Every Cat Parent Needs

Scoop Buddy is the ultimate litter box cleaning hack. It easily attaches to nearly any style litter box and holds the waste bag in place to eliminate litter spills and prevent collapsed bags. You simply pull down on the clip to open and slide onto the litter box edge. Take the waste bag and drape it over catching the bag holders inside to keep the bag in place.

No More:

  • Collapsed bags
  • Litter spills
  • Messy floors
  • Dirty hands

What Sets Scoop Buddy Apart?

Scoop Buddy is easy to use, cost efficient, and very effective to make cleaning the litter box easier. It’s the perfect litter genie alternative. Scoop Buddy is great addition to any litter box. Keep Scoop Buddy attached and the waste bag right before each cleaning. Once you’re done, simply remove the bag and bring to the next litter box. Or if it’s already full, simply discard the bag.

Instructions. Open Scoop Buddy clips. Clip to litter box lip. Drape bag over clips, catching on the hooks. Pull snug and scoop litter.

Why is Scoop Buddy the Best Litter Box Cleaning Hack

Scoop Buddy is the best litter box cleaning hack especially for people with unsteady hands. This litter box cleaning hack provides additional support and a great tool if you’re just learning how to clean litter boxes. Personally, we use Scoop Buddy to help get our kids involved with animal chores. It makes it super easy to scoop the litter box without all the extra mess on the floor as the dirty litter sifts through the scoop.

The Litter Box Cleaning Hack That Uses What You Have and No Expensive Refills

Scoop Buddy is a cost-effective litter box cleaning hack compared to traditional methods. Scoop Buddy works with any plastic bag you have laying around the house and can be used with nearly any style litter box. No expensive refills are needed and it simplifies the cleaning process. The best way to use this litter box cleaning hack, is to attach Scoop Buddy to each litter box that way you can reuse the same waste bag until its full.

Scoop Buddy Before and After

Cat Behaviorist Recommended

One of the best parts of this litter box cleaning hack is that Scoop Buddy doesn’t interfere with your cat using the litter box at all. It gives you a helping hand without affecting your cat at all. That is why Scoop Buddy is recommended by cat behaviorists to help combat litter box problems. Scoop Buddy helps keep the litter box tidy to entice your kitty to keep doing their business in the box and not outside of it!

Hear What Customers are Saying!

“This product is a life saver! I always dreaded scooping my cat’s litter because of the cleanup after. There would be litter everywhere. Now, I just scoop the litter and put it right in the bag! No mess! It’s so easy and convenient.”

“We love this product. I was so tired of the mess and tracking between the litter box and disposal bag. With this product all I do is scoop and drag into the bag. I love it!!! Makes me wonder what I did without. A simple product that makes things so much easier.”

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 Minimal Effort with Maximum Results

Scoop Buddy is the best litter box cleaning hack because it doesn’t take much effort. Once you attach it to the litter box, keep it on and simply attach the waste bag before each cleaning. Depending on how full the bag is, continue using it on each litter box with Scoop Buddy attached until you’re ready to discard it.

Embrace Litter Box Cleaning

Embrace litter box to improve your cat’s quality of life. One of the simplest things you can do is clean the litter box daily. A quick scoop, some new litter to freshen it up and boom! Five minutes out of your day makes all the difference for your cat. Scoop Buddy is here to make the least liked chore a little easier for us cat parents. Right now, you can find Scoop Buddy at or at select pet stores near you.


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