Ready to make cleaning the litter box easier? A clean litter box is crucial to having a happy and healthy relationship with your cat. But let’s face it, it’s one of the least favorite tasks as a cat parent. The smells, the spills, the frequency; alas it has to be done. We’ve scooped up 5 easy litter box cleaning hacks to make it easier on us busy cat parents.

The Command Zone

The litter box is the command zone of the home and having a dirty litter box can have a number of harmful effects on cats, from both a medical and behavioral standpoint. Many cats go out of their way to avoid using a dirty litter box. At best, this could mean that your cat begins eliminating outside of the litter box, developing a house-soiling habit that could be difficult to break. In order to prevent these problems, you want to ensure that your cat always has access to a clean and welcoming litter box.

It’s been the same old litter box routine as far as any cat parent can remember, so let’s dive in to see how we can make cleaning the litter box easier!


The Right Litter Box Makes Cleaning Easier

There are many choices out there when it comes to choosing the right litter box. One of our favorite litter box cleaning hacks is the stainless-steel litter box. This is a great way to help reduce odor and be environmentally conscious as a cat parent. It may be an investment at first but stainless-steel litter boxes last much longer than flimsy plastic litter trays. The plastic litter box easily scratches over time which harbors nasty bacteria that develops odors.

Stainless steel litter boxes make cleaning the litter box easier. The steel is much easier to clean rather than scraping residue stuck on the plastic. Stainless steel litter boxes may not fit into the budget right away but keep them in mind as you have to replace plastic litter boxes in the future.


The Ultimate Litter Box Cleaning Hack-Scoop Buddy 

Scoop Buddy litter box accessory to eliminate litter spills

If haven’t heard, Scoop Buddy is the newest litter box hack for cat parents! These innovative litter box anchors attach the waste bag directly to the litter box eliminating those pesky litter spills. Scoop Buddy makes cleaning the litter box easier by holding the waste bag in place to keep litter from spilling on the floor.

We’ve all lined up the waste bin as close as possible to the litter box only to spill the dirty litter on it’ way to the bag. Scoop Buddy was designed by cat parents for cat parents to help make litter box cleaning easier and more efficient.

Scoop Buddy is simple to use and attaches to any style litter box. It’s small, compact design doesn’t take up any floor space. Every curve has a special function. Make litter box cleaning easier and more efficient catch litter spills in the bag EVERY time! Less mess equals less stress making Scoop Buddy one of our top litter box hacks.




Need to see it in action? Check it out!

The Right Waste Bag Makes a Difference

We recycle, we bring our reusable bags to the grocery store, we compost, we try and eliminate plastic in our lives, but there is one family member who isn’t pulling their weight….your cat! Cats are not the most environmentally friendly pet to have between their litter box needs, cat toys, and food. What is an environmentally conscious cat parent to do? One way to help is by using an eco-friendlier waste bag.

Using a durable waste bag is one of easiest litter box hacks and makes cleaning the litter box easier. Having a bag break open is just not an option. We’ve tried a number of eco-friendly bags and found the durability of these biodegradable bags to be the best! Good news, we designed Scoop Buddy to be universal. This means it will work with any style waste bag.

Litter Mats Makes Cleaning the Litter Box Easier

Litter mats are one way to significantly reduce tracking of litter from your cat’s paws and another one of our favorite litter box cleaning hacks. From purrrsonal experience, litter mats that have two layers work significantly better at reducing litter mess. This way, litter is easily poured back into the litter box and reducing the amount that needs to be swept up. Litter mats are a great way to define your cat’s bathroom space as well.

Not All Scoopers Are Created Equal

A metal scooper makes cleaning the litter box easier is a must for litter box cleaning hacks. They are definitely the more durable option lasting much longer than other options. Plastic ones tend to be flimsy and break right when you need them the most. Set yourself up for success with a durable scoop to get the job done!

Scooping the litter box daily (if not multiple times a day) significantly reduces litter box problems. One piece of advice is to learn to love the litter box. The litter box is the command zone of your cat’s world and if you are having behavior problems, start there. Using the litter box is such a vulnerable time and it can create anxiety for them if the box is not properly placed and cleaned diligently. Valuing your cat and understanding their needs reduces behaviors and lessens their anxiety. Let’s keep more cats in their home by eliminating litter box problems by making cleaning the litter box an easier chore!


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