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Haunted by dirty litter outside of your kitty litter box? Frustrated when litter spills out of the litter scoop all over your floor? Tired of touching the messy parts of a waste bag when it collapses?

Keep your hands and your floor clean again with Scoop Buddy!


Scoop Buddy – How It Works

If you’re looking for the ultimate addition to your cat litter box supplies, look no further. Simply pull open your patent-pending bag anchors, clip onto the edge of your litter box, spread the clips to your desired width, drape your waste bag over, and pull snug. You did it, say goodbye litter spills and scoop away cat litter problems furrever! It doesn’t matter if you’ve got a small litter box, an extra large litter box or an enclosed litter box, Scoop Buddy was designed to work with them all.


Behind The Design

Scoop Buddy by Cat SavantTM was designed for two things:

  1. to keep your hands clean when scooping
  2. to keep dirty litter in the bag where it belongs and not on your floor

We’ve used those other litter waste systems too. Every time you need to change a waste bag cartridge you have to touch the nitty-gritty. The height of the waste pail never matches the height of the litter box meaning it’s a small miracle every time a clump stays in one piece. But, there’s always that one clump that breaks apart and rains tiny dirty litter hail down from the heavens…and all over your floor.

With Scoop Buddy, these attachable litter box bag anchors allow the waste bag to be draped over the edge of the litter box for easy clean up. It’s simple to remove the bag and never have to touch the ick.

Proudly Made in the USA.

made in the usa

The Ultimate Addition To Your Arsenal of Cat Litter Box Supplies

After scooping, Scoop Buddy anchors can be removed but we leave ours on! The rounded edges of the anchors won’t bother your kitty going in or out to do their business.

These litter bag anchors even work with your tall top entry litter box!

Watch our brief instructional video for how easy it is to use Scoop Buddy and scoop away cat litter spills furrever!


Will Scoop Buddy fit my cat litter box?

We designed Scoop Buddy to be as universal as it gets. While these bag anchors might not fit a litter robot, they’re designed for basically every other type of litter box.

  • Small litter box – Yes
  • Large cat litter box – Yep
  • Extra large cat litter box – Yessir
  • Enclosed litter box – Yup
  • Hooded litter box – Yes indeedy
  • Tall litter box – You  know it

So, if you’ve got a small litter box, an enclosed litter box, an extra large litter box or anything in-between, we’ve got you covered!


Additional information

Weight.05 kg
Dimensions15.24 × 12.7 × 2.54 cm

7 reviews for Scoop Buddy

  1. Charlotte

    We love this product. I was so tired of the mess and tracking between the litter box and disposal bag. With this product all I do is scoop and drag into the bag. I love it!!! Makes me wonder what I did without. A simple product that makes things so much easier.

  2. Charles (verified owner)

    They actually worked! With the bag securely fastened to the box, it reduce the litter spill accident. Just scoop the poop and dump it into the bag. Once done, just take off the bag and no spill! I love it!

  3. Frank (verified owner)

    Great Product…Saves the Day…

  4. Linda (verified owner)

    This product is great! i no longer have cat litter ever where . It is very east to use. I no longer have to sweep up cat litter that i have spilt. Everyone who has a cat should have one.

  5. brenda (verified owner)

    I have 4 cats, 4 litterboxes and low dust clumping litter. 3 cats are healthy but one is 14 years old, diabetic and urinates very large amounts of several times daily and overnight. These clips secure the plastic bags to the front of the litterboxes to catch the very large amount of soaking wet litter falling off the scoop. If you do not have a steady hand when scooping, these clips will help direct the dirty litter into the bag and catch any spillage falling off the scooper.

  6. Nikki M

    Amazing product that I’d recommend. Thank you catsavant!

  7. Alyssa

    This product is absolutely worth the order. Cleaning a litter box is frustrating and then even more so when you have to clean the floor afterwards! Now I only have to clean my litter box

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