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Scoop Buddy- Eliminates Litter Spills and Collapsed Bags

Stop making a mess every time you clean the litter box! Introducing Scoop Buddy, innovative waste bag holders that eliminate litter spills and prevents collapsed bags. Scoop Buddy attaches the waste bag right to the litter box making clean up easier and more efficient! Stop spilling litter every time you try and make it into the waste bag. No need to change your existing set up, Scoop Buddy works with nearly any style litter box. It’s a quick and easy solution to litter box mess!

No More:

  • litter spills
  • collapsed bags
  • messy floors
  • dirty hands

Stop making a mess while you clean and start scooping with Scoop Buddy!

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Scoop Buddy – How it Works

  1. Secure it to the edge of your litter box
  2. Spread it to the desired width and attach bag
  3. Scoop it in the waste bag and eliminate litter spills


Instructions. Open Scoop Buddy clips. Clip to litter box lip. Drape bag over clips, catching on the hooks. Pull snug and scoop litter.

More Play, Less Cleaning

Save time cleaning with Scoop Buddy! Scoop Buddy does the dirty work for you catching all the debris in the bag!

No need to sweep up the litter spills after scooping. Simply scoop and toss the waste bag! No extra cleaning required! Scoop Buddy gives you more time to spend doing…. anything else!

No More:

  • litter spills
  • dirty hands
  • messy floors
  • collapsed bags

We’ve used those other litter waste systems too. Every time you need to change a waste bag cartridge you have to touch the nitty-gritty.

The height of the waste pail never matches the height of the litter box and it’s a small miracle any time a clump stays in one piece. We asked, you answered… it’s time for a better solution! Experience litter free floors EVERY time you scoop!


Behind The Design

We are cat parents who were tired of the same old products, same problems, and no solution. We’ve invented Scoop Buddy, giving cat parents a simple solution for litter box clean-up.

These innovative bag holders attach the waste bag to the litter box eliminating any litter spills or debris from falling onto the floor. Every curve behind the design provides a specific function.

Scoop Buddy Diagram


Scoop Buddy by Cat SavantR was designed for two things:

  1. to keep your hands clean when scooping
  2. to keep dirty litter in the bag where it belongs and not on your floor

Scoop Buddy bag holders attach your waste bag directly to the litter box for easy clean up. It’s simple to remove the bag and never have to touch the ick.

Proudly Made in the USA.

made in the usa


Will Scoop Buddy Fit My Cat Litter Box?

We’ve designed Scoop Buddy to be as universal as it gets. While these bag anchors might not fit a litter robot, they’re designed for basically every other type of litter box.

  • Small litter box – Yes
  • Large cat litter box – Yep
  • Extra large cat litter box – Yuppers
  • Enclosed litter box – Yup
  • Hooded litter box – Yes indeedy
  • Tall litter box – You  know it

So, if you’ve got a small litter box, an enclosed litter box, an extra-large litter box or anything in-between, we’ve got you covered!


Additional information

Weight .05 kg
Dimensions 15.24 × 12.7 × 2.54 cm

19 reviews for Scoop Buddy

  1. Haley P

    Great for keeping the box clean and it helps make it easy to clean! Easy to clip on and adjust and doesn’t stick out too far so the cats are bothered by it.

  2. Tina

    This product is such a lifesaver for my biodegradable bags that don’t have handles! Can’t believe how I lived without it before, it really makes cleaning more convenient.

  3. Jas H

    We started using this a week ago and I didn’t realize how messy my old way of scooping until I used this! Less mess and such a productive tool :)

  4. Tracy Toler

    Scoop Buddy was sent to me very timely, thank you so much for that.
    I have a hooded cat letter box and when I tried to put the bag on the bottom 1/2, I couldn’t get the top to sit securely and it wouldn’t work for me. I thank you very much for sending your product to me quickly!

  5. Brittany (& Sylvester)

    Scoop Buddy is amazing!! We love how this product makes cleaning the litter box a much easier & more efficient experience. We used to make more of a mess when scooping because litter would somehow wind up all over the floor. Now, thanks to scoop buddy, this task is much less troublesome! It’s such an amazing price and great quality! You won’t be disappointed!

  6. Brittany (and Sylvester!)

    We love our Scoop Buddy! This product makes it so easy to clean out the litter box without making more of a mess! It’s easy to set up & takes up very little space! such an amazing creation that has made our home cleaner & cleaning more efficient!

  7. Amber Thorsen

    This is so great for scooping litter! You don’t have to worry about the bag collapsing in itself. Such a great product!

  8. T

    Scoop buddy helps keep droppings from missing the bag and spilling onto the floor! Genius.

  9. Christa

    Super easy to attach and works great! Keeps the litter off my floor and saves me clean up time. It’s so convenient, I love it!

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