Scoop Buddy

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Say goodbye to spilling litter when you scoop!



Meet your new best friend! Scoop Buddy is an innovative set of litter box bag anchors that make the mess of scooping cat litter a thing of the past. These litter box anchors hold your waste bag securely in place against the litter box so there’s no chance for litter to spill all over the floor. For universal use with nearly any litter box and bag.

How It Works

Simply open Scoop Buddy and clip onto the edge of your litter box, spread to the width you’d like, drape your waste bag over, and pull snug. You did it, no more litter spills!

Behind The Design

The patent-pending design of these litter box bag anchors allow you to never touch litter in the process. We’ve used those other litter waste systems too. Every time you need to change a waste bag cartridge you have to touch the nitty-gritty. No thank you!

With Scoop Buddy, these litter box bag anchors allow the waste bag to be draped over the edge with easy clean up. It’s simple to remove the bag and never have to touch the ick.

Simple, Smart Solutions

These litter box bag anchors are easily removable, or leave them on. The rounded edges won’t bother your kitty going in or out to do their business.

These litter box bag anchors even work with tall top-entry litter boxes!

Watch our brief instructional video for how to use Scoop Buddy, examples of various litter boxes these work great on, and an easy trick for extra hold when you’ve got a tall or top-entry litter box.

Additional information

Weight.05 kg
Dimensions15.24 × 12.7 × 2.54 cm

6 reviews for Scoop Buddy

  1. Charles (verified owner)

    They actually worked! With the bag securely fastened to the box, it reduce the litter spill accident. Just scoop the poop and dump it into the bag. Once done, just take off the bag and no spill! I love it!

  2. Frank (verified owner)

    Great Product…Saves the Day…

  3. Linda (verified owner)

    This product is great! i no longer have cat litter ever where . It is very east to use. I no longer have to sweep up cat litter that i have spilt. Everyone who has a cat should have one.

  4. brenda (verified owner)

    I have 4 cats, 4 litterboxes and low dust clumping litter. 3 cats are healthy but one is 14 years old, diabetic and urinates very large amounts of several times daily and overnight. These clips secure the plastic bags to the front of the litterboxes to catch the very large amount of soaking wet litter falling off the scoop. If you do not have a steady hand when scooping, these clips will help direct the dirty litter into the bag and catch any spillage falling off the scooper.

  5. Nikki M

    Amazing product that I’d recommend. Thank you catsavant!

  6. Alyssa

    This product is absolutely worth the order. Cleaning a litter box is frustrating and then even more so when you have to clean the floor afterwards! Now I only have to clean my litter box

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