Finding the perfect location for the litter box can be a tricky task, especially if you have limited real estate. Litter box enclosures are a great way to keep the litter box out of the way, conserve space, and make it functional.

They offer many benefits such as odor control, privacy for your cat, and aesthetic appeal. We’ve scooped up some of our favorite options!

Benefits of Using a Litter Box Enclosure

Using an enclosure reduces odor, helps keep other pets out and maintains a clean and organized living space. Daily cleaning is a must but especially with an enclosed system to keep odor low. Consider options that are well ventilated, to avoid that odor build-up.

Litter box enclosures help keep unwanted visitors out of the command zone. Whether it’s a dog that has an odd appetite or a child that’s a little too curious, litter box enclosures help keep the litter box safe.

Find one that fits your needs. There are many styles of cat litter box furniture available on the market, such as multifunctional furniture-styles, DIY solutions, and hidden enclosures.


Best Option for Litter Scatter

If litter mess is an issue you’re trying to solve, you need to check out MEEXPAWS Cat Litter Box Enclosure Splash Guard. This is a great solution for cats who tend to scatter the litter outside the litter box. Another idea is to change the style litter box you’re using to help keep litter contained. Look into a top entry style litter box.

cat posing in futon litter box enclosureFavorite Hidden and Functional Pick

One of our favorite enclosures is Dr.Futon Cat Litter Box Enclosure. This is a great option if you’re looking to hide the litter box in plain sight. This acts like an ottoman and comes with a dog proof or child proof lid. This has a built-in litter mat to help reduce tracking and the size allows for ample ventilation.





Favorite Multi-Cat Pick Litter Box Enclosure

A great option for a muti-cat household is the Homhedy Cat Litter Box Enclosure. This system is dual sided with cat doors on either end. This is great to place litter boxes in each compartment or use one as a cat bed area.

Favorite Space Saving Enclosure

The Penn Plax Cat Walk Furniture Enclosure is a great solution for concealing the litter box and having it blend into your home in plain sight. The cat litter box enclosure fits a standard small-sized litter box.

One of our favorite features a top drawer and an inner shelf for storing pet toys and supplies (although it may need to be purchased separately, but totally worth it). This is the best litter box enclosure for areas if you’re short on space and is multi-functional for storage and litter box needs. This litter box enclosure actually has two openings, so it allows for multiple escape route which your cat prefers.


Maintenance and Cleaning of Cat Litter Box Enclosures

When selecting the right furniture, really consider the ease and accessibility of cleaning the litter box enclosure. In general, people tend to clean less when the mess is not visible or if when there are physical obstacles making the task more difficult.

Scoop Buddy litter box accessory to eliminate litter spillsOne way to make cleaning faster, easier, and more efficient is by using Scoop Buddy to eliminate litter spills and prevent collapsed bags while cleaning. This is a great solution when scooping with a litter box enclosure as it does not take up any additional space and can be used with nearly any style litter box.

Scoop Buddy attaches the waste bag right to the litter box eliminating dirty litter spills. Keep your floors mess free by adding Scoop Buddy to your cleaning routine.







Selecting a Cat Litter Box Enclosure

The most important features to look for when selecting a cat litter box enclosure for your cat are ventilation and visibility, which might conflict with your desire to disguise your cat litter box inside of a furniture item. Finding one that is attractive and functional can be the most challenging part.


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